FR Saint-CloudMasaki (FR) 2016 (c by Linngari - Masako) 3rd - Prix de Chatou €23,000 1600m. earning €3,450
SAF Vaal TCLake Kinneret (SAF) 2014 (h by Kahal - Engagement) 3rd - Interbet.co.za P. R110,000 1400m. earning R10,550
SAF Vaal TCClaremorris (SAF) 2013 (m by Visionaire - Mayo) 2nd - Tabonline.co.za H. R103,000 1000m. earning R20,600
SAF GreyvilleKarin B (SAF) 2015 (f by Malhub - Joshua's Girl) 4th - Itsarush.co.za Maiden P. R105,000 1000m. earning R5,250
SAF GreyvilleCaliente (SAF) 2015 (c by Visionaire - Lady Red) 1st - Gold Circle Racing Youtube Channel H. R88,000 1600m. earning R55,000
SAF GreyvilleClassic Guard (SAF) 2014 (m by Traffic Guard - Cross the T's) 1st - Download the Tabgold Information App H. R100,000 1600m. earning R62,500
SAF GreyvilleBravo Zulu (SAF) 2014 (h by Brave Tin Soldier - Londoloza) 3rd - Call Telebet Track & Ball Fixed Odds H. R79,000 1000m. earning R7,900
FR Maisons-LaffitteZariyano (FR) 2012 (g by Linngari - Zariyana) 3rd - Prix des Ecuries du Chateau €52,000 2100m. earning €7,280
SAF GriqualandCounty Donegal (SAF) 2016 (f by Visionaire - Ardara) 4th - Itsarush.co.za Juvenile P. R63,000 1000m. earning R3,150
SAF GriqualandMisty Light (SAF) 2015 (c by Visionaire - Autumn Mist) 2nd - All to Come Maiden P. R61,000 1300m. earning R12,200
SAF GriqualandEuan' Me (SAF) 2013 (m by Kahal - Norbury) 2nd - Betting World H. R56,000 1400m. earning R11,200
SAF GriqualandSussex (SAF) 2014 (m by Golden Sword - Angora) 4th - Betting World H. R56,000 1400m. earning R2,800
SAF GriqualandPieces of Gold (SAF) 2015 (c by Visionaire - Eli's Grace) 4th - Next Racemeeting Monday H. R47,000 1000m. earning R2,350
FR FontainebleauEspoir a Realiser (FR) 2015 (f by Linngari - Arisk) 1st - Prix du Pin Hurdle €20,000 3550m. earning €9,600
GER ZweibrückenGermanwings (FR) 2013 (m by Linngari - Gobhana) 3rd - Kurt Kasper-Gedächtnisrennen €2,600 2950m. earning €300
SAF ScottsvilleWishful Girl Linn (SAF) 2016 (f by Linngari - Winter Wish) 2nd - Racing It's a Rush Juvenile P. R107,250 1200m. earning R22,000
SAF ScottsvilleTango Time (SAF) 2016 (f by Visionaire - Movingandgrooving) 3rd - Racing It's a Rush Juvenile P. R107,250 1200m. earning R11,000
SAF ScottsvilleFiorano (SAF) 2015 (c by Visionaire - Home Tree) 1st - Follow Gold Circle on Facebook Maiden P. R105,000 1200m. earning R65,625
SAF ScottsvilleSweet Mary Lou (SAF) 2015 (f by Await the Dawn - Mary Lou) 4th - Blinkers Bar Graduation P. R102,375 1500m. earning R5,250
SAF ScottsvilleForthelastime (SAF) 2015 (c by Visionaire - Onemorenomore) 1st - Track & Ball Gaming H. R88,000 1400m. earning R55,000
SAF ScottsvilleCheckpoint Charlie (SAF) 2015 (c by Brave Tin Soldier - Hot Reception) 2nd - Track & Ball Gaming H. R88,000 1400m. earning R17,600
ZIM BorrowdaleCool Solution (SAF) 2012 (h by Mullins Bay - Ask Aly) 1st - Duffi's Call H. R7,000 1260m. earning R4,375
ZIM BorrowdaleBattle Cry (SAF) 2014 (h by Brave Tin Soldier - Squiddgy) 2nd - Duffi's Call H. R7,000 1260m. earning R1,400
ZIM BorrowdalePirate Hunter (SAF) 2014 (h by Mullins Bay - Electric Elegance) 2nd - Eurakilon H. R7,000 2200m. earning R1,400
ZIM BorrowdaleHillah the Hun (SAF) 2014 (m by Visionaire - Jet Ski) 2nd - Earl of Surrey Graduation P. R7,000 1600m. earning R1,400